18 Exciting Adventure Gifts for Kids

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  1. Giant T-Rex Pool Float - Make pool time more exciting with this large inflatable T-Rex dinosaur pool float. With stable legs and wings, it's perfect for riding and lounging, adding a touch of prehistoric adventure to summer fun.
  2. Kids Gardening Set - Encourage your child's love for nature with this adorable pink gardening set. It includes a shovel, rakes, watering can, and a tool bag, providing everything they need to explore and learn about gardening.
  3. Adjustable Ice Skate - Get your little one ready for winter adventures on the ice with these adjustable ice skates. They provide a comfortable fit and can be easily adjusted as their feet grow, ensuring long-lasting fun on the ice.
  4. Stomp Rocket Science Book - Combine learning and fun with this science book designed for use with toy rocket launcher kits. It explores the principles of aerodynamics and rocketry, providing kids with a hands-on STEM experience.
  5. 2019 Monthly Planner - Help your child stay organized and plan their adventures with this premium monthly planner. With its compact A5 size and thick paper, it's perfect for jotting down important dates, appointments, and goals.
  6. Wilderness Adventure Camp Book - Teach your child essential outdoor survival skills with this informative and engaging book. It covers topics like shelter-building, navigation, and wilderness first aid, making it a great gift for young adventurers.
  7. Nike Kids Running Shoe - Give your active child the gift of comfortable and stylish footwear with these Nike running shoes. Designed for casual wear and running, they provide excellent support and cushioning for all-day comfort.
  8. UNO Card Game Tin - A classic card game that's perfect for family nights and travel. This special edition comes in a collectible storage tin and can be played by 2-10 players, providing hours of fun for kids of all ages.
  9. Rock Tumbling Kit - This complete geology hobby science kit is perfect for kids who love rocks and crystals. It includes a durable rock polisher and various rocks and crystals to polish, providing a fun and educational STEM activity.
  10. Hiking Backpack - Get your little adventurer ready for outdoor exploration with this durable and spacious hiking backpack. It has a 65-liter capacity, making it perfect for carrying all the essentials on hiking trips and camping adventures.
  11. Bean Bag Toss Game - This fun outdoor game is perfect for kids and adults alike. Challenge your friends and family to see who can score the most points by tossing the bean bags into the tower.
  12. Kids Bike - Get your little one active and outdoors with this sturdy and colorful bike. It comes in various sizes to suit different ages and is built to withstand rough play.
  13. "Snowdon & Conwy Valley" Outdoor Leisure Guide
  14. Kids Flying Disc Toy - This set of colorful flying discs is perfect for outdoor play. Made of soft silicone, they are safe for kids of all ages and provide hours of fun.
  15. Folding Hockey Goal - Perfect for young hockey enthusiasts, this goal can be easily set up in the backyard or at the park for hours of fun and practice.
  16. See Thru Garden View Root Viewer - Spark your child's curiosity about nature with this root viewer. They can watch as plants grow and observe the intricate root systems.
  17. Kids Binoculars - Foster a sense of adventure and exploration with these kid-friendly binoculars. They are designed to be durable and provide clear, high-resolution images for hours of outdoor fun.
  18. Outdoor Critter Case - Encourage your child's love for nature with this critter case. They can catch and observe bugs and insects up close before releasing them back into the wild.