22 Feng Shui Gifts to Bring Harmony and Prosperity

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  1. Rose Quartz Heart Shaped Crystal - Made from natural rose quartz, this heart-shaped crystal is known for its healing properties and ability to attract love and harmony. It is a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking emotional balance and positive energy.
  2. Chinese Feng Shui Mirror - This traditional concave mirror is used in Feng Shui to deflect negative energy and protect against harmful influences. It is a unique and meaningful gift for anyone interested in creating a harmonious living space.
  3. Elephant Trunk Statue - This lovely pair of elephant trunk statues represents wealth and luck in Feng Shui. Made of durable polyresin, it is a perfect addition to any home decor and a thoughtful housewarming gift.
  4. Aventurine Quartz Crystal Tree - This stunning crystal tree is made of green aventurine quartz, known for its healing properties and positive energy. It is a perfect gift for promoting abundance, prosperity, and good luck.
  5. Feng Shui Arowana Decoration - This beautiful Arowana decoration symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. It is perfect for bringing positive energy and good luck into any space.
  6. Demi Tea Kettle - This beautiful tea kettle from Le Creuset combines functionality and style. With its enamel coating and vibrant color, it is a perfect gift for tea lovers and adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.
  7. Thai Elephant Figurine - This intricately designed Thai elephant figurine adds a touch of exotic charm to any space. It is a beautiful decorative piece and a wonderful gift for elephant lovers and collectors alike.
  8. Enamel Dutch Oven - This high-quality Dutch oven from Lodge is not only functional but also adds a pop of color to any kitchen. It is perfect for cooking delicious meals and makes a practical and stylish gift for any home cook.
  9. Feng Shui Coins for Wealth and Success - These authentic Chinese Feng Shui coins are believed to attract wealth and success. Each set contains 8 coins that can be placed in your wallet, purse, or home.
  10. Feng Shui Guide Book - This comprehensive guidebook will teach you how to use Feng Shui to attract money, love, and happiness into your life. It's an easy-to-follow resource filled with colorful illustrations.
  11. "Feng Shui & Charlotte Nightingale" Book - Dive into the world of Feng Shui with this captivating novel. Follow Charlotte Nightingale as she discovers the power of Feng Shui and transforms her life.
  12. Green Tea Incense Sticks - Create a calming and peaceful atmosphere with these high-quality incense sticks. The refreshing scent of green tea will help you relax and enhance the positive energy in your space.
  13. Crystal Ball Pendant - Add a touch of elegance to any outfit with this stunning crystal ball pendant. The faceted design reflects light beautifully, creating a mesmerizing effect.
  14. Lucky Frog Elephant Figurine - Bring good luck and positive energy into your space with this beautiful figurine. The lucky frog standing on an elephant symbolizes abundance and prosperity.
  15. Elephant Glass-Topped Table - This unique table features a glass top supported by a beautifully designed elephant base. It not only adds a touch of charm to any room but also represents good fortune and wisdom.
  16. White Sage Incense Sticks - Purify your space and ward off negative energy with these white sage incense sticks. Each pack contains 100 sticks, ensuring long-lasting use.
  17. Crystal Ceiling Fan Pull Chain - Add a touch of elegance to any room with these dazzling crystal fan pull chains. They are perfect for enhancing the feng shui of your home while also providing a functional and stylish accessory for your ceiling fan.
  18. Lavender Essential Oil - Bring relaxation and balance to your space with this high-quality lavender essential oil. It can be used in diffusers, baths, or applied topically for its calming and soothing properties, making it a perfect feng shui gift for anyone seeking tranquility.
  19. Wind Bell with Raven Wind Catcher - Bring positive energy and soothing sounds to any outdoor space with this beautiful wind bell. The three-tone design and raven wind catcher create a harmonious and calming atmosphere, making it a perfect feng shui gift for garden enthusiasts.
  20. "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" Book - Help someone transform their living space and improve their feng shui with this bestselling book on decluttering and organizing. It offers practical tips and insights to create a harmonious and clutter-free environment.
  21. "Creating Luminous Spaces" Book - Discover the power of the five elements in creating balance and harmony within your home and life. This insightful book combines feng shui, interior design, and lighting design principles to help readers transform their spaces into luminous and harmonious environments. A perfect feng shui gift for those seeking to create positive energy in their surroundings.
  22. Clear Crystal Ball Prisms - Enhance the energy flow and create beautiful light reflections with these high-quality crystal ball prisms. Hang them near windows or in any space to bring positive energy and balance to the surroundings, making it an ideal feng shui gift.