19 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Fifth Graders

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  1. Scratch Paper Art Set - Spark creativity with this fun and interactive scratch paper art set, perfect for artistic fifth graders.
  2. Starburst Bulk Candy - Treat fifth graders to their favorite fruity candies with this 5-pound bulk pack of Starburst.
  3. Star Bubble Wands Assortment - These fun and colorful bubble wands are perfect for outdoor play and summer parties.
  4. Silver Tone Bead Caps - Ideal for young jewelry makers, these bead caps add a stylish touch to their DIY creations.
  5. Kids Edition Tablet - Designed specifically for kids, this tablet offers a safe and educational digital experience with parental controls and a durable case.
  6. Devotional Book for Girls - A thoughtful gift for fifth graders, this devotional book offers daily readings and reflections for spiritual growth.
  7. College Laptop Backpack - A practical gift for fifth graders transitioning to middle school, this backpack offers ample storage space and a USB charging port.
  8. C8 Headphones with Microphone - These lightweight headphones are perfect for fifth graders to enjoy their favorite music or videos with clear sound and a built-in microphone.
  9. Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set - This eco-friendly nail polish set is perfect for young girls who love to experiment with different colors and styles.
  10. Gel Pens for Coloring - Encourage creativity with this set of vibrant gel pens, perfect for coloring books and art projects.
  11. Naomi The Narwhal Plush Toy - Meet Naomi the Narwhal, a soft and cuddly plush toy that will bring joy and comfort to any child's playtime or bedtime routine.
  12. Large Bouncy Balls - These brightly colored rubber balls are perfect for bouncing, throwing, and playing games, making them a great addition to any playtime or party.
  13. Fruity Flavored Lip Gloss Set - A fun and tasty lip gloss set that includes a variety of fruity flavors, perfect for young girls who love to experiment with makeup.
  14. Swimming Goggles Set - Help your child enjoy swimming with this set of three high-quality goggles that provide comfort and clear vision in the water.
  15. Water Balloons Pack - Beat the summer heat with this pack of 100 water balloons, providing endless fun for outdoor water fights and parties.
  16. Scented Ice Cream Shoppe Erasers - These adorable scented erasers in the shape of ice cream cones are perfect for correcting mistakes while adding a sweet scent to any workspace.
  17. Speak Out Game - Get ready for laughter and hilarious moments with this fun-filled game that challenges players to speak while wearing mouthpieces, resulting in funny and entertaining conversations.
  18. Headphones and Speakers Combo - This innovative product combines headphones and speakers into one, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes privately or share them with others.
  19. Lite-Brite Retro Toy - Bring back the nostalgia with this classic Lite-Brite set that allows kids to create colorful and illuminated designs using pegs and templates.