19 Perfect Gift Ideas for Fifth Graders

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  1. Smarties Candy Rolls - A classic candy favorite, these bulk Smarties candy rolls are perfect for sharing or indulging in a sweet treat.
  2. Assorted Children Sunglasses - These colorful and stylish sunglasses are a great addition to any dress-up box or party favors.
  3. Artie Max Coding & Drawing Robot - A fun and educational STEM toy that introduces kids to coding and drawing through interactive play.
  4. 3D Cartoon Messenger Bag - Stand out with this unique messenger bag that features a 2D drawing cartoon design, perfect for carrying essentials with style.
  5. Silver Tone Bead Caps - Ideal for jewelry making projects, these silver tone bead caps add a touch of elegance to any design.
  6. PlushCraft Kitten Club Craft Set - Create adorable 3D soft crafts with this kit that includes 730 pieces for hours of creative fun.
  7. Quilling Craft Kit - Unleash your creativity with this DIY craft kit that includes all the supplies and instructions needed to create 10 unique quilling projects.
  8. Water Balloons Pack - Get ready for some water-filled fun with this pack of 100 water balloons, perfect for summer parties and outdoor activities.
  9. Large Bouncy Balls - These colorful rubber balls are perfect for outdoor play, parties, or as carnival prizes.
  10. Beginner Sewing Kit for Kids - Encourage creativity and fine motor skills with this sewing kit that includes instructions and materials for 6 easy DIY projects.
  11. Kids Edition Tablet - Designed with parental controls and a kid-proof case, this tablet offers a safe and educational digital experience for fifth graders.
  12. 5th Grade Graduation Unicorn T-Shirt - Celebrate fifth graders' milestone with this adorable unicorn-themed graduation t-shirt that they can proudly wear on their special day.
  13. Unicorn Slime Pack - Unleash fifth graders' creativity with this colorful and squishy slime pack that offers sensory stimulation and stress relief.
  14. "The Secret Garden" Book - A timeless classic that will transport fifth graders to a magical world of friendship and adventure.
  15. Here to Slay Card Game - Engage fifth graders' strategic thinking skills with this exciting role-playing card game that promises hours of fun for the whole family.
  16. Neon Shutter Style Glasses - These retro-inspired glasses will bring a touch of '80s nostalgia to fifth graders' dress-up parties and fun-filled adventures.
  17. Scented Crayons & Colored Pencils - Add a fun twist to coloring with these scented art supplies that will engage fifth graders' senses while they unleash their creativity.
  18. Scratch Paper Art Set - Let fifth graders explore their artistic side with this fun and interactive craft kit that allows them to create vibrant rainbow designs.
  19. "The Trumpet of the Swan" Full Color Edition Book - This beautifully illustrated edition of the beloved story is sure to captivate fifth graders with its heartwarming tale of a trumpet-playing swan.