19 Fun and Thoughtful Graduation Gifts for Fifth Graders

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  1. 4K Action Camera - Perfect for capturing all their adventures, this action camera is waterproof and can shoot in stunning 4K resolution. It's a great gift for aspiring young photographers.
  2. Graduation Penguin Balloons - These large penguin balloons are a fun and festive way to celebrate graduation. They're a great gift for adding some flair to any party.
  3. Crystal Growing Science Kit - This kit allows kids to conduct their own crystal growing experiments. It's a fun and educational gift that encourages STEM learning.
  4. Bracelet Making Kit - This kit includes everything kids need to make their own friendship bracelets. It's a creative and fun gift that encourages artistic expression.
  5. Ilene The Pink Unicorn Plush Toy - This cute and cuddly plush toy is perfect for snuggling. It's a great gift for unicorn lovers.
  6. Fruity Flavored Lip Gloss Set - This lip gloss set includes a variety of fun and fruity flavors. It's a great gift for young girls who want to add some sparkle to their lips.
  7. Acne-Prone Skin Care Kit - This three-step skin care kit is specifically designed for kids and pre-teens with acne-prone skin. It's a great gift for promoting healthy skin habits.
  8. Sound Buttons - These fun sound buttons allow kids to express themselves with the push of a button. They're a great gift for adding some fun to any occasion.
  9. Headphones and Speakers Combo - This innovative device combines headphones and speakers into one. It's a versatile gift that allows kids to enjoy their music however they prefer.
  10. "A Smart Girl's Guide: Middle School" Book - This book is filled with advice and tips for navigating the challenges of middle school. It's a great gift for preparing fifth graders for the next chapter in their education.
  11. Friendship Bracelet Maker - Encourage creativity and friendship with this bracelet maker. It comes with pre-cut threads and can make up to 8 bracelets, making it a perfect gift for fifth-grade girls.
  12. Devotions for Preteen Boys - Help fifth-grade boys grow in their faith with this book of 5-minute devotions. It covers topics relevant to their age and encourages spiritual growth in a fun and engaging way.
  13. Clear Acrylic Photo Booth Frames - Capture memories with these photo booth frames. They are perfect for displaying 7x5 inch photos and can be used at parties or as a decorative item for fifth graders' rooms.
  14. Here to Slay Card Game - This strategic role-playing card game is perfect for fifth graders and their families. With adorable characters and a fun adventure, it's a great addition to family game night.
  15. Wearable Nail Polish Holder Ring - Make nail painting easier with this wearable nail polish holder ring. It securely holds the nail polish bottle, allowing for easy application and a mess-free manicure.
  16. Girls Crossbody Bag - This stylish crossbody bag is perfect for fifth-grade girls. It's a trendy accessory that can hold their essentials and make them feel confident and fashionable.
  17. Middle School Survival Handbook - Prepare fifth graders for the transition to middle school with this survival handbook. It provides tips, advice, and scenarios to help them navigate the challenges of middle school.
  18. Nail Pens Salon Activity Set - Perfect for creative fifth graders, this activity set allows them to sketch, paint, and create beautiful nail designs. It comes with nail pens and long-lasting nail polish for hours of fun.
  19. Artie Max Coding & Drawing Robot - Spark interest in coding and creativity with this robot. It allows fifth graders to program and draw, combining technology and art in a fun and educational way.