16 Fun and Unique New Home Gifts for Kids

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  1. Cherry Shaped Toilet Brush with Holder - A fun and functional addition to any bathroom.
  2. Playfoam Sensory Toy - A fun and squishy sensory toy for kids and adults to enjoy.
  3. Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Make delicious cold brew at home with this easy-to-use coffee maker.
  4. Soft Wireless T-Shirt Bra - A comfortable and supportive bra that’s perfect for everyday wear.
  5. Colorblock Hoodie - This trendy and cozy hoodie is perfect for lounging at home or running errands in style.
  6. Cast Iron Skillet - A versatile and durable skillet for cooking on the stove, in the oven, or over a campfire.
  7. Indoor Herb Garden Kit - A smart garden kit for growing fresh herbs indoors with ease.
  8. Dinosaur 3D Night Light - A cool and colorful night light that adds a touch of fun to any room.
  9. Cast Iron Cookware Bundle - High-quality cast iron cookware set for versatile cooking options.
  10. Robo Pets Robot Dog Toy - A fun and interactive robot toy that kids will love playing with.
  11. Mini Waffle Maker - This mini waffle maker is perfect for making individual waffles or hash browns, and its non-stick surfaces make for easy cleaning.
  12. Remote Control Dog Toy - This adorable robot pet walks, barks, and interacts with your child through gesture sensing, making it a fun and engaging gift for kids.
  13. Window Bird Feeder - Bring the beauty of nature right to your window with this unique bird feeder, complete with strong suction cups and a removable tray for easy cleaning.
  14. Play-Doh Pizza Oven Playset - Let your kids' creativity run wild with this Play-Doh pizza oven playset, complete with 6 cans of modeling compound and 8 accessories.
  15. New Home Scented Candle - Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a new home with this jasmine-scented candle, perfect for housewarming or moving away gifts.
  16. Electric Kids Guitar - This electric guitar is perfect for beginner kids, with a built-in amp and speaker, and it comes with a learning app and lessons included.