16 Fun and Practical New Home Gifts for Kids

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  1. New Home Scented Candle - A thoughtful gift to make any new home feel cozy and welcoming with its jasmine scented natural soy wax blend.
  2. Wingspan Board Game - A beautifully illustrated board game that's perfect for game nights and brings the wonders of birdwatching to the table.
  3. Cold Brew Coffee Maker - A convenient and easy-to-use coffee maker for creating delicious cold brew at home, perfect for starting the day in a new home.
  4. Cast Iron Cookware Bundle - A complete set of durable and versatile cast iron cookware, perfect for cooking a wide range of dishes in a new home kitchen.
  5. Seed Sprouter Tray - An innovative and healthy way to grow wheatgrass and sprouts at home, perfect for adding freshness to new home cooking.
  6. Gold and Brown Bar Cart - A stylish and functional addition to any new home, perfect for entertaining and serving drinks in a modern design.
  7. "No-Drama Discipline" Parenting Book - A helpful book for new parents, providing insights and strategies for nurturing a child's developing mind.
  8. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes - A gourmet addition to any new home kitchen, these handcrafted sea salt flakes add a touch of luxury to cooking and seasoning.
  9. Candle Warmer Lamp - A vintage-style electric candle warmer that provides a safe and elegant way to enjoy scented wax without an open flame.
  10. 3-in-1 Hair Dryer - A versatile hair styling tool that makes hair drying and styling a breeze with its ceramic technology and three attachments.
  11. Indoor Herb Garden Kit - A smart garden for the kitchen that's perfect for growing herbs and vegetables all year round, with minimal effort.
  12. Narwhal Fleece Animal Blanket - A versatile and adorable blanket that doubles as a stuffed animal and pillow, perfect for travel, nap time, and playtime.
  13. Mini Waffle Maker - A fun and easy-to-use waffle maker for creating delicious breakfast treats or snacks in a matter of minutes.
  14. 1-2-3 Magic: Gentle Child Discipline Guide - A helpful guide for parents, offering gentle and effective discipline strategies for raising happy and well-behaved children.
  15. Parenting Tips Ebook - A valuable resource for parents, offering proven strategies and tips for raising smart, happy children through positive parenting skills.
  16. Colorblock Hoodie - A trendy and comfy hoodie perfect for lounging or running errands, with a stylish colorblock design.